Best Gifts for Your Little Musician

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Best Gifts for Your Little Musician

Best Gifts for the Little Musician

After you have bought that first guitar for that little musician then you need to get them some direction. He or She will need to learn guitar basics.

Such as how to hold the guitar properly. The difference between the fretting hand, and the picking hand. Beginning chords, how to  strum, and much more.

All these basic guitar techniques are easy once you learn them. But as a beginner one needs a good place to start. That’s where TrueFire comes in to play.

First off TrueFire offers over 700 courses, 33,000+ Lessons, that include 11, ooo+ tabs & notation. 7ooo+ Jam Tracks.

Start with a beginners guitar lesson, and give the gift that keeps on giving. As the little musician starts to progress the lessons can go where they go.

Truefire offers a range of online lessons. From Beginner, Intermediate to Advance guitar lessons.

So don’t let that new guitar sit in the closet out of tune. Give that little musician an opportunity of a lifetime to learn guitar. What a great kids gift! Click the link for current pricing of Truefire Beginner Lessons. 

Beginner acoustic guitar for kids 

The  beginner acoustic guitar for kids needs to be a smaller guitar body to fit perfectly for that aspiring musician. A Great choice is a 3/4 size guitar or even a parlor guitar they are both smaller than a full size guitar.

If you are more interested in parlor size guitars click this link to see Best Washburn Guitar Parlor Series.

Or check out this 3/4 Size guitar.

One of the 3/4 size guitars that I recommend because even though it is smaller it still has a great tone and sound. The Yamaha JR2 is a 3/4 size guitar.

The ideal guitar is one that fits in your hand and arm comfortably. When you hold it you don’t want to feel like you are reaching around to hold it. It should be a comfortable fit when sitting on your lap. The smaller size is great if you have short arms. This is why I recommend a 3/4 size guitar for kids.

This guitar has a vintage color, which is a Tabacco Sunburst. With this perfect kids gift you get the entire bundle. Which the bundle is everything you need to start playing. The bundle includes these accessories:

  1. Guitar Tuner
  2. Strings
  3. String Winder
  4. Gig Bag
  5. Guitar Picks

Get started today with this Tobacco Sunburst Yamaha JR2 Bundle. Click the link for the updated price on Amazon.

 Starter Guitar for a Perfect Kids Gift 

Fender is a name you can trust. The Fender FSR MA 1 is also another great starter guitar that makes a great gift.

It too is a 3/4 size guitar. The perfect size for a little person to start to learn guitar. This satin finish black guitar fits the bill.

For years Fender has built a great guitar. This is no exception a comfortable 23.3″ scale length. With a rosewood bridge. This one has the Fender Quality and a great Budget price.

The FSR MA1 is a steel string acoustic guitar that is a perfect kids gift because of its size. This is a 3/4 size guitar. It is a real guitar, but smaller for that smaller musician. Click to see the latest price on Amazon.

A Starter Guitar for that tiny Musician

Daisy Rock a 6 string starter guitar in Popsicle purple. Which also comes in Cotton Candy Blue, and Bubble Gum pink. This guitar is built with a smaller thinner neck that makes it easier for girls with smaller hands to play.

The smaller 3/4 size makes this guitar perfect for that younger girl. It is also designed with a lighter construction to make the guitar more comfortable to play. Click to see the Different colors of the Daisy Rock Guitar on Amazon.

Rock Jam Electric Guitar Starter Kit

A great kids gift for the Rock star in your family. This Rock Jam electric starter guitar kit comes ready to play. Everything that is included is:

  • Amp
  • Guitar Strap
  • Gig bag
  • Guitar Picks
  • Guitar String

With this Jam Rock Package you get a full size guitar, Spare guitar strings, guitar picks and a strap. Then it comes with the Amp. Which is a 10 Watt Amp. This amp comes with an output for headphones and input for the guitar lead.

Three single coil pickups and a Whammy for bending those strings. Just like your favorite Rock Star. A beautiful Sunburst color. All this at a Budget Price! 

Take a look at the Ratings of this starter guitar kit on Amazon.

These are just a few of the Great ideas for a kids gift. Another great music gift idea which is small is a Ukulele. There is a difference in the size, but also there are only 4 strings. So if you are wanting a gift that will help them learn the guitar. This is not the one.

But if you are looking for a smaller guitar for a small child to play with, this might be the one for you. This 23 inch Ukulele small guitar has nylon strings. Which will make playing not as hard on the fingers.

This is a very affordable Ukulele, and would make a good first instrument. Click here to see the current pricing on Amazon.

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Kids Toys 

21 Inch Wooden Ukulele Toy for Kids Musical Instrument. Suitable for toddlers, children, students. 4 easy adjustable nylon strings. For the Tiny Tot Musician a 21 inch Ukulele. Comes in brown too. 

Click the link to Purchase this Ukulele today on Amazon.

What if you could get a guitar that is about 7 inches bigger than a  Ukulele. One that has 5 strings which is the same amount as a full sized guitar. A perfect instrument for a beginner that wants to learn the guitar, but would be better suited for a small guitar.

Well let me introduce to you the Lauren. A 30 inch student guitar comes with nylon strings.

 Ideal Beginner instrument has a satin finish. You can see the Quality in the wood and Metal hardware. Take a look at the affordable price of this Lauren student guitar on Amazon.

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