How to Play Turn the Page Video Lesson


Turn the Page Video Guitar Lesson

Beginner Guitar lesson

Thanks for watching my video Turn the Page. A great beginner guitar lesson. Check out the original on my  YouTube Channel and don’t forget to Subscribe.

Bob Seger

The Song Turn the Page was first sang by the artist Bob Seger in 1973. It was released on the album “back in 1972”. Without giving away my age, I just want to tell you that Bob Seger put on a great concert. I actually went to the Bob Seger concert. Way back, when this song was still new. Regardless if its new or not its still a great song. Metallica came out with there version of the song in 1998. So it seems fitting that in 2017 I put together a beginner video lesson of Turn the page. It’s in the style of Bob Seger.

In this video lesson I go over all the basics to play the song. I plays it on an acoustic guitar, but one could also play it on an electric guitar. The video shows the chords that need to be played. It also shows the chord progression and Rhythm pattern for the verse and chorus. By the end of the lesson you will be able to play Turn The Page on your guitar.

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Here is a link to help you learn some basic Chords.

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