Cry to Me Guitar Lesson

This guitar lesson is dedicated to my Aunt Lannie. Who doesn’t play the guitar, but loves music and introduced me to this great song that Solomon Burke sings so gracefully. After hearing the song I decided to make this Cry for Me Guitar Lesson.

In this Cry for me Guitar lesson. I will show you How to Play Cry to Me. You will learn Cry to Me Chords, and the Chord progression. Then rhythm & strumming pattern. Also how to spice things up with the bass line runs. You will also have the Cry to Me lyrics so you can play and singing the song. And a Bonus Video Cry to Me YouTube Tutorial.

If your ready to play Cry to Me grab your guitar and let me show you how.

Cry to Me Chords

Like every song you learn you need to know what chords are in the song. So lets start there. Take a look at the chord diagrams and the finger positioning to make these chords. If you need help with reading chord charts take a look at this quick reference on How to Read Chord Diagrams. If you already know how look at the chord diagrams.

How to Play the E Major Chord on Guitar

  • Place your first finger on the 3rd string. (G string). At the first fret.
  • Your second finger is on the A string. (5th string). Also at the second fret.
  • Then your third finger is on the D string. 4th string, second fret.
  • When strumming the E chord you can strum all the strings.

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How to Play the A Chord on Guitar

  • Place Your first finger on the 4th string. The D string. At the second fret.
  • Your second finger is on the 3rd string. Which is the G string. Also at the second fret.
  • Then your third finger is on the B string. At the second fret. This is the 2nd string.
  • Strum from the 5th string down, and don’t play the 6th strings.

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B7 Chord Guitar

  • Place your first finger on the 4th string at the 1st fret. The D string.
  • Next place your second finger on the 5th string at the second fret. (A string).
  • Your third finger is on the 3rd string at the 2nd fret. (G string).
  • Then your Pinkie is on the 1st string at the second fret. (E string).
  • Strum the first 5 strings only.

When Playing the B7 You can play it without using your pinkie. If you don’t play the 1st string then don’t play the first string. Just play strings 5 4 3 2.

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Cry to Me YouTube Tutorial

Chord Progression to Cry to Me

What makes this song really cool is there is just 3 easy chords. And an easy chord progression. The song is played in 4/4 time so your counting to 4 for each bar. Or 4 beats to a measure.

Check out the chord progression goes like this:

Intro E E E E  





Ending BB EE

Be Sure to get your copy of the Chord PDF!!

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Cry to Me Chord Sheet PDF

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How to Strum to Cry to Me Solomon Burke

Again an easy strumming pattern. Everything about this song is so nice and easy. And very soulful. Once you get in that groove it’s hard to stop playing it again and again. The strumming pattern is Down down up, down up down down, up down up down down, up down up down down up down up.

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You can simply simply strum the whole song. But after you have the chords and strumming under your belt. You might want to spice things up. Especially if you are playing by yourself. You don’t have the bass or drums so the more you can bring to the song when strumming the less you are going to become board with playing it. And it will sound great too, by just adding a few notes. Take a look at how to add the bass line to spice things up next.

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Play the Bass Line to Spice Things Up

When your playing you can just strum the chords. But when you listen to the song you can distinctly hear the bass line. So you might as well play it because it’s Fun! And you want to sound like the song.

Okay now let me give you some tips on how to spice it up. And play it like the song. When you listen to the song you can hear the bass and the strumming.

To spice it up play on the 5th string. Which is the A string, frets 4 and 2. So you are going first cover the 4th fret with your third finger and then pick the 5th string. Then with your first finger fret the second fret of the A string. And play the 5th string again. Next play the open E string. Then strum the E chord. Strum down and then up.

After that when you go to the A chord. First you move down a string. And you are going to place your third finger at the fourth fret on the D string. Which is the 4th string. Then play the D string. After that place your first finger at the second fret of the 4th string and play the D string again. Then play the open A string. (5th string) And strum the A chord.

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Playing the B7 in the Cry to Me Guitar Lesson

Next chord is the B7 Chord. When your fretting hand is positioned to play the B7 chord. Then you are going to play the bass B note of the B7. Which is already fretted. So you just need to pick the A string.

Then the chord progression takes you back to the E chord.

Listen to the song to get the hand of it. You can play like this at the first part of the song. Then the second and third verse, you just strum. Try it out your going to sound great.

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Cry to Me lyrics

When Your baby Leaves you all alone
And no body calls you on the phone
A don't you feel like crying?
Don't you feel like crying?
Well here I am honey, come on
Cry to me

When your all alone
In your lonely room
And there's nothing 
But the smell of her perfume
A don't you feel like crying?
Don't you feel like crying?
A don't you feel like crying?
A Come on, come on
Cry to Me

Whoa there's nothing 
That can be sadder than
Than a glass of wine... alone
Loneliness, loneliness, is such a waste of time 
oh oh yea eh

You don't ever have to walk alone
A you see, a come on take my hand 
And baby won't you walk with me
o oh yeah.

When your waiting for a voice to come
In the night, but there's no one
A don't you feel like crying (Cry to me)
A don't you feel like crying (Cry to me)
A don't you feel like a cry cry cry cry, (Cry to me) Cry cry cry cry Crying

A don't you feel like a cry cry cry cry, (Cry to me) Cry cry cry cry Crying.

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About Solomon Burke

Solomon Burke shaped Rhythm and Blues with his singing. Solomon Burke was an American preacher and singer. He was born March 21, but per Wikipedia there is mystery around what the actual year is. It is either 1936 or 1940. But it is factual that his birth name is James Solomon McDonald.

Who was born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Cry to me was only one of his hit songs. Some other hits were; Got to get you off my mind, Down in the Valley, Every body needs somebody to love. These are just a few of his hits. Solomon Burke paste on October 10th 2010. RIP.


Cry to Me Acoustic

If you want to learn Cry to me on guitar. Then check out Cry to me acoustic guitar lesson on my YouTube Channel YourGuitarGuide. The Channel where I am going to help you find your sound with guitar lessons, music and gear reviews.

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