How Do You Play Into the Mystic on Guitar

Just because your a beginner guitar player shouldn’t mean you o can’t learn some cool songs. It’s all in what your willing to put into the guitar that you will get out of it. So if your wondering how do you play Into the Mystic on Guitar. That’s what I want to show you today!

How do You Play Into the Mystic on Guitar? In this Into the Mystic Guitar Lesson I will show you every thing you need to play the song. And you can also get access to the tab to help you out.

So if your ready grab your guitar and lets start rocking it out.

  1. You need a Capo.
  2. There are 4 chords. (C G Em and F)
  3. Learn a hammer on.
  4. How to get that Cool Rhythm with a Muting Technique.
  5. Into the Mystic Strumming Pattern.
  6. Chord Progression for Into the Mystic
  7. Tab
  8. Bonus Video Van Morrison Guitar Lesson.

What Key is Into the Mystic In?

You can see a lot of different versions that Van Morrison performs on YouTube. And everyone is different. In one version he is actually playing in the key of E.

But for this version of the original record. The song is in the key of Eb. What?

I know don’t get worried to over come this we are going to use a Capo. If you don’t have a capo you can I can Get You a Capo.

But if you have a capo your going to want to place it on the third fret. Then I will show you what chords are in the song.

These are the chord shapes. But with the capo on the third fret. Then the capo is actually taking the place of the nut of the guitar. This means the chords are not the actual chords. Just the shapes.

If you want to learn more about What’s the use of a Guitar Capo Click the link.

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Into the Mystic Chords

There are 4 chords in the song. And they are…

Finger Position of the C Chord

  • Place your first finger on the B string, at the first fret. (2nd string).
  • Your second finger is on the D string. 4th string, at the second fret.
  • Then your third finger is on the 5th string. At the third fret. Which is the A string.
  • When Strumming the C chord. Don’t play the 6th string.

What’s the Finger Position of the G Chord

  • Place Your first finger at the second fret of the A string. Which is the 5th string.
  • Put your second finger at the third fret on the E string. The 6th string.
  • Your third finger is at the third fret. On the B string. (2nd string)
  • Then place your pinkie on the third fret of the high E string. The 1st string.
  • When strumming the G chord you can play all the strings.

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How to Play the Em Chord

  • Your second finger is placed on the 5th string. At the second fret.
  • Put your third finger on the 4th string. Also at the second fret.
  • When strumming the Em chord you can play all the strings.

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How to Play the F Major Bar Chord

  • Your first finger is across all the strings at the First fret. Like a Capo.
  • Place your second finger on the 3rd string. (G string). At the second fret.
  • Then place your third finger on the 5th string. The A string, on the 3rd fret.
  • Under the third finger is your pinkie. Also at the 3rd fret on the 4th string.
  • You can strum all the strings when playing the F Barre Chord.

If you need help with barre chords. You might want to take a look at this post on how to make the F chord 5 different ways. There are some great tips for you!

Remember the Capo is on the third fret. So these are just the shapes of the chords.

Intro Chord and Hammer On

In the intro of into the mystic. Van Morrison has some very cool Rhythm and strumming.

The intro starts with the C chord. But also you can here a hammer on that gives the C chord a very distinctive sound.

So what you want to do is take your second finger, which is on the D string. The 4th string. And hammer on to the D string.

If you need help with a hammer on. You can check out this article about What is Guitar Tab.

How to get Cool Rhythm With a Muting Technique.

Besides the hammer on there is also a Muting Technique that is happening in the intro of the song.

You can mute the strings with your left hand. But I like to use my right hand. Which is my strumming hand.

So if you listen to the song. You will hear a percussive sound at the beginning of the song.

And what you are hearing is muted strings. So right after the hammer on you strum down and then use the palm of your hand and mute the strings.

This may take some practice. But all guitar takes practice. And the more you do it the better you will get at playing. So practice palm muting the strings. Here is a related post to help. Called how to palm muting. Also Palm muting tips you must know.

Into the Mystic Strumming


After a couple of the Hammer on and muting the strings. Then there is just straight up strumming.

The strumming pattern is Down Down Down Up Up down up down.

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Chord Progression for Into the Mystic

The Chords are really easy the strumming takes a little practice to get the groove. The song starts out with C And then when the verse starts you are still in C.

It goes to G for two bars and Back to C. Then at the bridge you go to the Em and then play the F chord. And back to C.

Then Em and F again. Next move to the G chord and then to the C. Where the chorus begins. Stay on the C chord. And then move to G and back to C.

The outro of the song is C.

That is simplified, but if you want to get the tab and support the YourGuitarGuide Channel. You might consider becoming a patron. Where there is a lot of cool Guitar Stuff. Including tab to the songs on the channel….

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What Year Was Into the Mystic Released?

Into the Mystic was released in 1970. Van Morrison wrote and sings the song. It was made famous from the album “It’s to late too stop now,” in 1974. source

Into the Mystic Chords

With the Capo at the 3rd fret. Play C G Em and F. Be sure to get the tab here!

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