Is Guitar Easy To Learn?

Is Guitar Easy to Learn?

When I’m camping there is nothing more relaxing than sitting around a fire, and playing my guitar. The other day when I was  camping a youngster came up to listen. When I was finished he asked me a very good question.

Is guitar easy to learn? To which I replied. It is as easy as riding a bike! Which is an Oxymoron.

If you want to find out how easy it is to learn guitar keep reading…

The reason I answered the question the way I did is this. Think back when you were learning to ride a bicycle. You got your first bike for your Birthday or maybe it was a Christmas present.

It was your first bike! You went out on the street with your bike. Your mother or father held it upright. While you got on cowardly. It was so long ago you may not remember how you felt.

But for most kids scared, anxious, but never the less exited to have your new bike.

When you start out your leaning to one side, can’t keep a vertical line. Your handle bars are shaking all over the place. You are grasping onto the handle bars so tight that your hands are purple from lack of blood flow. You could only get one foot to pedal at a time.

Easy as Riding a Bike

It was a lot to learn all at one time. Day after day you would go out to the street with your new red bike. With someone helping you then one day. Your bike assistant said, “I’m going to let go of the bike”.

Again those feelings came over you of dread fear and anxiousness. But you hopped back on the bike. With your assistant, mom or dad helping you. They held on as you shook a little as the bike started to get faster, faster and faster. Until suddenly they let go of the bike, and you were riding it all by yourself.

That feeling of the wind blowing through your hair for a minute you were so happy until you realized. I don’t know how to stop!

Playing a guitar is about the same as riding a bike. In the beginning the guitar is going to feel like a foreign object in your hand. It may feel bulky in the beginning.

When you try to play the strings your hand will grasp the guitar tight like a baseball. The strings when you pick them will sound terrible most of the time. This is when the pick is not flying out of your strumming hand.

Just like when you learned to ride the bike nothing jived. But with practice, and perseverance you learned to ride the bike. Just like that! A guitar is just like that. The more you practice the fundamentals, technique, and exercises you will be playing that guitar.

Can You Teach Yourself Guitar?

I would say yes you can teach yourself guitar since I am living proof of this. You are learning it yourself because you are taking the steps yourself to learn.

But the fact is you still have to take some kind of instruction of some shape or form. There are several different ways You can  learn guitar.

  1. private instructor
  2. Books
  3. E books
  4. YouTube
  5. Video lessons

There is a lot to choose from. Not like Back in the day. There was private instruction, or playing the record (Yes I said record) back over and over. You would have to put the needle on the record at the exact location. To find out how to play the lick, or chord in the song.

Learning the guitar today you have a much bigger advantage with the internet. But it is still a good idea to listen to the chords, and the music.

Lets look at some of the options to see how easy it is to learn guitar.  First option is a Private Instructor. This is an expensive option. A typical private lesson is about; Is $50-$100 dollars for 1.0 hour. This is the type of lesson where you drive to the guitar store, and have a one on one. In person with an instructor.

But like I previously mentioned times have changed, and so has the private lesson. Now you don’t have to leave your house. All you need is internet access. Oh and a guitar.If your not sure yet what kind of guitar you can click this link for help. How to choose a beginner guitar. 

Online Private Lesson

You could get an online private lesson from Truefire the leading online guitar lessons. For a lot less than $100 dollars. You can pick your instructor, in the lesson you get one on one instruction.

  • Assessment of skills
  • Topic Specific focus
  • Private video messaging

You can pick one lesson or a series of lessons. There are ongoing lessons. You can interact with your instructor in private. The Truefire lessons also include Lesson tools.

Such as video messaging, discussion threads, lesson plans, tab, notation, jam tracks, and charts. If this sounds like a great idea for you; Click the link to check the current pricing of a Private Lesson online.

Books and E Books

Books and E Books. There are lots of guitar books to choose from. This is a great, asset and they are reasonably priced. With a  beginner guitar book you can get a grasp of the basics.

This is an easy way to start and go at your own pace for a reasonable price. Check out this beginner guitar book on Amazon. Teach Your Self Guitar  

Is guitar easy to learn?

Start your journey today, Teach Your Self Guitar with the basics for beginner guitar players.


One source I wish I would have had when I was starting out playing guitar is YouTube. A lot of the time you just want that visual help, like with a video.

There are a lot of channels that you can Subscribe to for a lot of good guitar tips and tricks. If your interested in trying the video aproach to help you learn guitar on your own.

Then try @YourGuitarGuide my YouTube Channel for lots of free tips and tricks. Don’t Forget to Subscribe & click the Bell icon to be notified when I upload a video. A Great Place for Video Lessons.

Learn Guitar Online & Save

Online Source Subscription Lifetime Access Price
TrueFire All AccessYesWith SubscriptionSee Rate
YourGuitarGuide.Com Guitar CourseBuy OnceYesSee Rate
Jamplay YesWith SubscriptionSee Rate
Fender PlayYes With Subscription See Rate

How long will it take to learn guitar

A short answer to a long story is: The guitar is an ongoing learning process. The length of time depends on how willing you are to spend time with the guitar.

Like the Bicycle you are not born knowing how. The more you practice the more you will get comfortable with holding the guitar, and playing the guitar.

If you put it off, and decide that you don’t feel like learning today. Or you will practice tomorrow, or next Monday. Well then you will suck at playing, because you’re not spending time with the guitar.

Is It Easy to Self Learn Guitar

It is an easy instrument to learn. You can even teach yourself how to learn the guitar. You need help to do so. Everyone needs an instrument to learn. I don’t mean the guitar, when I say instrument.

You can learn to play the guitar , but you need instruction. How you get the instruction is up to you. As previously mentioned there are lots of great tools to help you along the way. If your like me you mix and match different learning tools.

You are not always going to be sitting and playing. Sometimes it helps to watch a video or learn by reading. It all is good. The more versatile your approach to learning the more you will learn. Although the more you have the guitar in your hand the easier it becomes to play.

To learn how to play as a beginner let me tell you how to get started. The first thing is to learn how to hold the guitar. Well the very first thing is buying a guitar. Then learning how to hold the guitar.

If you are needing to buy a guitar have a look at this great starter guitar. I did a review on this guitar and actually own the guitar. It’s a great beginner guitar. The price is great too! Here’s the link to: Jasmine S35 Review Best Acoustic Guitar for Beginners.

6 must know Guitar Techniques

Now back to the list of what you need to get started playing guitar.

  1. Learn the proper way to hold the guitar and the pick.
  2. Then learn the different parts of the guitar.
  3. How to hold your fretting hand.
  4.  Basic strumming technique.
  5. 11 essential basic open chords.
  6. How to switch between chords (Chord Transitioning).

These are just to start. Once you learn these 6 steps you will be well on your way to playing your favorite songs. Here is a free video series on 11 easy songs on guitar for beginners so you can start learning today. 


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