What is the 1 4 5 Chord Progression

Through out music history some of the greatest songs were made using the 1 4 5 chord progression. If you want to learn the chord shapes and what is the 1 4 5 chord progression then take a look at what this guitar lesson is all about.

The 1 4 5 chord progression maybe the most used progression in blues Country and Rock N Roll. But What is the 1 4 5 Chord Progression? Today I will teach you what the 1 4 5 Chord Progression is and how it can be used to play 1000 of songs. I will teach you what the chord progression is and two different ways to play these chord shapes. So that after you learn these basic chord shape principles you will be able to play 1000 of songs.

If your ready to learn how to play a 1 4 5 on your guitar then continue with me and let me explain this easy to apply chord progression.

What is the One Four Five Chord Progression?

I’m going to show a couple of ways that you can play the one four five chord progression. But first let me explain what the term 1 4 5 is referring to in music.

In music there is a musical Alphabet. I’m am referring to the muisical alphabet as related to playing the guitar. This alphabet is just like that in the English language. But this alphabet goes from A to G.

Simply put A B C D E F G Then back to the A.

The one of the chord is always the root also called the Tonic. So lets take a look at the alphabet and we are going to play the 1 4 5 in the Key of A. Then A is the Tonic or the home base. The root, the one chord.

Next we want to find the four chord. So count 4 from A is the D chord. And right after that is the E chord. Which is the Five chord. If you want to find this on your guitar you would need to know the Major Scale. Which is very easy to learn take a look at this lesson where you learn basic chords, Major and minor Chords strumming and more.

How to Play the 1 4 5 Chord Progression on Guitar

We are going to start with the key of D. So the one or Tonic in any key is the key. If you want to learn more theory check out Guitar Bootcamp.

This is how we are going to position your fingers to make the D Chord.

Place your first finger on the 5th fret on the 5th string. Then Place your 3rd finger across strings 4, 3, 2, and bar those strings.

When play this form of the chord you don’t want to play the 6th string.

Pro Tip – Use the tip of your first finger to gently press it against the 6th string. This way when strumming, if you accidentally strike the 6th string. You won’t hear it, it will be muted.

Then we want to find the 4 chord in the key of D.

The G chord is the 4 chord. This is how we are going to make the G chord.

Bar all the strings at the third fret and then place your 3rd finger on the 5th string at the 5th fret. Then your pinkie is right under that on the 4th string. And your second finger is at the 3rd string 4th fret. This is the 4 chord.

Now that you know the 1 and 4 we just need the 5 chord. And that is the A in the key of D. Here is how to play it.

Now to get to the 5 chord you simply move up two frets. That will always be your five chord. When playing these three shapes. In this order. The five is the A of D major. Now to know what the actual chord is that you are playing you need to know the root notes on the fret board.

You can learn that and a lot more with the complete guitar course.

Playing in Different Keys

What’s cool is you can move around the neck and play in different keys.

Let’s say you want to play the one four five chord progression in the key of C. First you find the one chord. This is why it is so helpful a must to learn where the notes are on the guitar. Which is covered in my course; Guitar Bootcamp.

You know that the C is the one of the progression. The 4 chord is the F and the 5 chord is the G. Here are the chord shapes for this progression.

See how the same shapes are played to make the 1 4 5 chord progression. Here are some more secrets about what are minor bar chord shapes.

Another Way to Look at What are the I VI V Chord Progression?

Now that you know those Shapes lets look at another way to play the 1 4 5. With this chord Shape.

A Barre Chord Shape. When you start with the 6th string root barre chord. Which we just learned. Lets play the 1 4 5 in the key of A Major . Find the root or the one chord. Which Is A , it can be found on the 5th fret.

You are going to play the bar chord onthe 6th string. And at the 5th fret.

Next you want the four chord. Which the root is found right below the one chord on the 5th string. Another shape we just learned. And the 4 chord is a D. Then the 5 chord. Remember I said move up two frets from the 4 chord. When you move up two frets you are now able to play the E chord. Which is the 5th of the A scale.

Look at the chords in the key of A.

Again you can move it up. So if someone was to say, “okay were playing a 1 4 5 in the key of G you would know how to play it. Providing you know the notes on the fingerboard.

The 1 is the Root which is G. then C  is the 4 chord and D is the 5 chord.

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What Songs are in the 1 4 5 Chord Progression?

There are lots of songs in all Genre’s that use the 1 4 5 chord progression. Songs Like Wild thing. Which is in the 1 4 5 chord progression and is one of my list of Easy Songs on Guitar. So if your up for it grab your guitar and learn some of these 11 Easy Songs on Guitar.

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