What is the Best Overdrive Pedal for Blues

The best overdrive pedal for the blues is made by Boss. That is the Boss BD – 2 Blues Driver. The reason I can say this is because I own the Boss BD – 2 Blues driver.

If you were wondering what is the best overdrive pedal for blues. The best overdrive pedal for blues is Boss BD 2. The BD 2 Delivers a variety of tones from crunchy to a warm bluesy tone. Great for dialing in the overdrive blues tone you like to hear.

If you want to know more about the best overdrive pedal for blues. Then keep reading to see what makes this effects pedal so sweet.

The Best Overdrive Pedal for Blues & Country

If the Boss BD – 2 blues driver is good enough for John Mayer then it’s good enough for me. This effects pedal delivers just the right amount of punch for the job. Whether your sitting at home playing, at the studio or on stage. Boss BD – 2 Blues driver adds the right amount of grit.

And it’s not just for the blues. Country musician Brad Paisley uses this blues driver too. What makes this effects pedal great for musicians all over the world? The Blues driver delivers a creamy warm tone that you would typically hear with a vintage tube amp.

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What Does the Boss BD 2 Sound Like?

Guitar Pedal for Cheap

Another reason this is such a popular pedal. You don’t have to break the bank to own a Boss Blues driver the BD 2 Overdrive pedal. See how much this pedal is on Reverb. Where you can buy a New Blues Overdrive pedal or if you wish you can get a used pedal. But the price is so cheap going with the new Pedal in my opinion is the way to go.

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How to Operate the Boss BD 2 Pedal

There are three easy knobs on the Boss BD 2 pedal. When you look at the pedal. The Gain knob is on the right. It controls the amount of distortion. Then in the middle is the Tone knob. Which is the EQ. And then on the left of the Tone is the Level knob. That controls the overall level of distortion or gain.

The best way to start using the pedal. Is by placing all the knobs at 12 o’clock. When the line on the knobs are lined up. With the dot at the top. Which is on the Pedal itself. Then see what that sounds like.

When playing with everything dead center. You might find that it is a little bright. To change it up a little move the gain up a notch. Then lower the EQ down. Try it again. You can move the knobs to see how it sounds. Your ear will pick up the sound you want to dial in.

What I would recommend is turning the Gain up just a little bit. Then turn the EQ down a little. This will give a warmer sound. With just the right amount of distortion.

Dialing in Creamy Blues Sound

Another great sound that this pedal will give you. Is when you want to boost your guitar with some lead. But not a lot of distortion. You can get this sound by simply turning the gain all the way down. Which is turning the knob all the way to the left. The line will line up with the dot at the bottom on the left of the knob.

Then push the level knob over to about 1 o’clock. The Tone is about at 10 o’clock. Try that to see if you like the sound. This is a little more grit and some boost.

What about full distortion? If you want to obtain that. Crank the Gains knob all the way to the right. Full on! Move the Level to the one o’clock position. And the Tone knob to about 11 O’clock and get ready to Rock.

These are just a few ways to get some bluesy tones from the Boss BD 2 Blues Driver. If you want to get a great deal on this pedal check out the current price on Reverb.

Which Overdrive Pedal Should I Get?

If you are playing the Blues or Country and even Rock n Roll. A great inexpensive pedal is the Boss Blues Driver 2. You can have a smooth creamy warm sound. And then also you can get some chunky darker Overdrive. This pedal runs the gamete. With enough Gain that will allow you to rock out. But not to much distortion like that of a Fuzz pedal. You could still play some Hendrix with it though.

I think the Boss Blues Driver is the pedal for a lot of musicians. See the current price on Reverb.

Link to Reverb and Get the Latest Gear

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Related Questions

Boss BD – 2 Blues Driver

BD – 2 Blues Driver is one of the most popular effects pedals. This is due to the tone, and sounds that emulate a Tube amp. The tones are warm with distortion and overdrive. These Vintage tones that you would hear in classic blues. When using a tube amp. For a lot less than a tube amp would cost.

See What Other Guitar Players are Saying about the Boss BD – 2 Blues Driver

Out of 113 Reviews the Blues Driver has a 5 star rating.

  • Don’t Be Devised – It’s not just for playing the blues. It is so versatile. You can get the ACDC style overdrive tone. I highly recommend this effects pedal.
  • The cost doesn’t denote the quality. Boss BD – 2 is phenomenal. Stack it with a compressor or next to a fuzz and you’ve got the keys to the kingdom.
  • It’s a unique drive sound that is not a tube screamer. It is very present and bright.
  • Pure Tone – Classic, Timeless, Clean boost dirt or more dirt. Can also be used as a clean boost with EQ control. Using the tone control dialed to 9 O’clock or less for that creamy blues tone.
  • Source

These are just a few of the 113 reviews. Of which were all happy musicians. As they all had there overdrive pedal.


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3 more Boss Effects Pedals with modifications to the already great tone of the BD – 2 Blues Driver.

  1. JHS Boss BD – 2 Blues Driver with Blue Drive Mod – The JHS modified Blues driver features distortion circuitry and an added on/off switch for fuzz and distortion capability.
  2. Boss BD – 2 Blues Driver with Keeley Mod– Takes mid-range over driven character of the original factory pedal and infuses it with new hand-selected circuitry and components for improved response and fidelity. 
  3. Boss BD – 2 Blues Driver Waza Craft– Takes the overdrive game and throws a new rule-book in its face. The Custom mode adds a beefy low-end and increased sustain ideal for blues, stoner rock and metal. Source

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