Guitar Songs With Chords for Beginners

When you buy a guitar you want to learn guitar songs with chords for beginners right?

Take a look at these 14 Guitar songs with chords for beginners.

Guitar Songs with Chords for Beginners:

  1. Picture – Kid Rock
  2. Purple Rain – Prince
  3. Stand By Me – Ben E King
  4. Tulsa Time – 2 Chords!
  5. Family Tradition – Hank Williams Jr
  6. Pontoon – Little Big Town
  7. On the Other Hand Randy Travis
  8. Should I Stay or Should I go – The Clash
  9. Cry to Me – Solomon Burke
  10. I Fall to Pieces – Patsy Cline
  11. Go Rest High on That Mountain
  12. Hard to be Humble – Mac Davis
  13. You’ll Always be My Baby
  14. I Love the RainLenny Kravits

So if those songs sound like a great line up. Then grab your guitar and lets play some songs.

First off if you need help learning how to read chord diagrams. Before proceeding Take a quick look at How to read chord diagrams.

The First Easy Beginner Guitar Chord Song in the List

This is such a cool song made famous By Kid Rock and Cheryl Crow. But it has some easy chords in it 4 easy chords. They are G D C and Em. Easy Chords. Click the link how to play picture by Kid Rock & Cheryl Crow. If you like it don’t forget to Subscribe!

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3 Easy Chords in This Beginner Guitar SongCry to Me

That’s right Easy beginner guitar chords. Which makes up an easy beginner guitar chord song. It’s by Soloman Burke Called Cry to me. Your Going to love this one! Click here for Cry to Me Guitar Lesson.

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Stand By Me – Ben E King

This is a great song with easy beginner chords. And it is also a part of my easy songs on guitar series. This song has stood the test of time. Made famous by Ben E King. Origionally performed 1961, Source

Click to link to 11 Easy Songs on Guitar and Have fun with these easy songs.

Prince Has a Guitar Song With Beginner Chords

Who would think that the chords to play Purple Rain are easy chords. But when you click the link to How to Play Purple Rain you will be on your way to learning this iconic song with easy chords. If you like the lesson Subscribe, and click the bell Icon. So you can be notified when I upload new guitar lessons.

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Easy Beginner Song With 2 Chords

Tulsa Time is another really cool song. There is an open Riff that helps make this a fun song to play on guitar. There are only 2 chords in the song.

And they are two of the easiests chords you will play together. And if you want you can get the tab to this song and more. When you join the group and become a Patreon. See Details below.

Family Tradition

Hank Williams Jr. Has some great songs. That are fun to play on guitar. Family Tradition has some easy chords. Click the link for the Family Tradition guitar lesson. Which is one of the lessons in; 15 beginner Country guitar songs .


I absolutely love this song. Even in the dead of winter this song makes you want to go boating. And it is so much fun to play. Plus there are 3 easy beginner chords in the song.

When I did the lesson I also made the tab to help you out. You can get instant access that on My Patreon page and more…

Little Big Town made a great tune. If you agree get ready to have some fun with this Little Big Town Guitar Lesson.

On the Other Hand

Randy Travis has so many great songs. If your into Country music check out the beginner guitar chords this song has to offer. And if your like me you will have hours of fun playing On the other Hand.

You can also get the Tab for this guitar lesson on MY Patreon page.

A tad-bit about the song: Which was made famous by Randy Travis and was to be his first single after being signed on to warner brothers records in 1985. The song never made it into the top 10.

Later randy suffered a stroke from a life threatening illness. And has lost his ability to sing. But is still slowly recovering. source

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You’ll Always Be My Baby By Alan Jackson

After 6 years Alan came back strong with a new album. And the single You’ll Always Be My Baby. The song is on the album Where Have You Gone 2021. Alan Jackson is one of the best selling artists of all time. And

Click to Learn: How to Play You’ll Always Be My Baby By Alan Jackson.

Should I Stay or Should I Go

The Clash a British band; Punk Rock Band. Made the songs day beau in 1982.

This guitar song has easy chords, and a great strumming pattern that makes this a Rocking out rocking song.

Another fun song to play for beginners and beyond! Click the link for the guitar lesson, Should I stay or should I go.

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Go Rest High on That Mountain

Picture from My Apple Iphone

Vince Gill is one of my favorite singers. And also a great guitar player. A lot of his songs are 3 basic chords and perfect chords for beginner guitar players. Click the link to Learn: How to Play Go Rest High on That Mountain.

Something you may not know about Vince Gill. He originally played for the band called pure prairie league. You may have heard there song called Aime.

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I Fall to Pieces

Patsy Cline I Fall to Pieces is another easy guitar song with beginner chords. Check out I Fall to Pieces Patsy Cline Guitar Chords & Guitar Lesson.

More about Patsy Cline– Born Sept 6, 1932 – March 5th 1963. The song I Fall to Pieces was just one of a long list of hit songs. And there would have been more if her life wasn’t cut short in a Airplane accident.

Between 1957 -1963 Patsy Cline had 3 albums. And after her death had 3 more albums. And numerous hits. source

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Hard to be Humble

Picture from Wikipedia

This song is funny to me. But at the same time great for the beginner guitar player or any guitar player for that matter. This is a 3 chord song. Made famous by Mac Davis.

And if you don’t know who Mac Davis is, here is a little about Mac. He was not just a singer Mac Davis was also a song writer, and an actor. He was born in Texas on Jan. 21st 1942. source

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Unfortunately Mac Davis died after under going heart surgery on sept 29, 2021. Mac Davis was 79 years old.

The song Hard to be Humble was released in 1983 and was a single off of the album named the same. Click the link if you want to learn how to play Hard to be humble.

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I Love the Rain

Lenny Kravitz has some really cool songs. And some are not as hard as you think. And I love the rain is one of those songs. For the most part there are three chords. And there is a riff.

Click the link to learn Lenny Kravits I Love the Rain Guitar Lesson.


Well I hope you have learned a lot from this article of guitar lessons. There are a lot of Acoustic Guitar Songs with chords for beginners. Enjoy them and if you want to learn more about guitar chords and playing guitar take a look at my guitar boot camp course. Thank!

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