Is Reverb com a Legit Site

If you are wondering is Reverb com a Legit Site. You will be pleased to know yes Reverb is the real thing when it comes to buying and selling music gear.

So if you are wondering Is Reverb com a Legit Site. In this article You will find out Is Reverb com a Legit Site and learn what is. In short Reverb is the leading market place for online buyers and sellers of musical instruments. New Used and vintage gear since 2013.

If you want to know more about read on to take a closer look.

What is Reverb

Were you like thousands of people who had heard of Reverb. And thought reverb only sold Vintage guitars. Well are you going to be surprised of what reverb is and sells.

Reverb is a market place for musicians. And since Reverb is online. The Market place is for musicians all over the world. You can buy or sell. Make offers and negotiate. There are millions of listings online to choose from.

The leading market place is Reverb. When it comes to buying new, used or vintage musical instruments. Which is not limited to guitars. Some of the products are:

  • Electric Guitars
  • Acoustic Guitars
  • Bass Guitars
  • Amps
  • Effects and Pedals
  • Drums and Percussion
  • Pro Audio
  • Keyboard and Synths

And the list goes on to see the complete list of musical instruments click here.

If you are a DJ Reverb has all the name brands. Apleton, AKai, Pioneer and more. From Controllers to mixers, and turntables. Reverb has it.

Still Wondering Is Reverb com a Legit Site

Well that’s not all! Reverb also has Orchestra and band instruments. Like Saxophones, Violins, Clarinets and much more. See the list of Band and Orchastra products offered on Reverb.

Home Audio is another set of products that you can get online from Reverb. Now a days you can set up a home studio for YouTube. And Reverb makes it really easy for you. Home Studio gear from headphones, receivers, Amplifiers and more.

If you are a musician then this is your one stop shop

If your looking for Audio software you don’t need to look any further. With software for effects, Presets, Learning,Instruments, DAW’s and Mobile.

Reverb also has a program called Reverb gives to help students.

Sharon’s Guitar Academy

Discover a step by step proven process so that you can play guitar like your favorite guitarist

Reverb Gives

Every time you make a purchase it helps. The youth programs get the gear they need to make music. A portion of every sale goes to various Youth music programs to help with getting them the instruments they need.

How it works – A portion of every sale made at Reverb goes to Reverb Gives. A selected program that is a youth music program. Are gifted up to $5000 dollars. These Reverb bucks are then used to purchase musical instruments.

If this is something your organization is interested in. There are 3 easy steps to get started.

  1. Apply for a Grant from Reverb Gives.
  2. When your team is selected you will gain support from customer support at Reverb & set up with Reverb buks.
  3. You will get expert help to purchase instruments from 30,0000 shops.

It’s that easy. If you run a non profit youth music program apply to get setup with gear.

Did you Know that You can List Your Gear for Free?

Another great idea from Reverb. Reverb is not just about buying gear. It is a market place to also sell gear. Making it easier than ever to get your gear in front of million’s of buyers at one time. across the world.

You can list your guitar for free in minutes. With simple steps that Reverb provides you to make it simple and hassle free.

Listing your instrument is for free. This gets you in front of millions of possible buyers. Then if you sell your instrument. Reverb takes a small percentage. This rate helps you the seller in two ways.

  1. Reverb Protection – Protects your sale if goods are lost or damaged during shipping.
  2. Low Selling Fee’s – With lower transaction fee’s its a win for you the Seller.

See the current rate here at Reverb.

Link to Reverb and Get the Latest Gear

Reverb Protection

Reverb says that there Reverb protection makes their community strong. Let’s find out why.

  1. Reverb protection provides a safe & secure way of buying and selling online.
  2. Reverb assists the buyer & seller if there was any dispute.
  3. Easy Return process.

Reverb Protection provides a platform that ensure a positive experience. Both for the buyer and the seller.

Reverb truly sets the bar. And has complete processes in place when buying an instrument or product. So that if your expectations are not fulfilled you can get it resolved.

Link to Reverb and Get the Latest Gear

The Benefits of Reverb Payments

Reverb payments allows buyers to use the form of payment they want. And it will be a safe transaction.

Using Reverb Payments: Allows the buyer to use popular methods of payment. And the seller can receive payments directly into your bank account. Which means the buyer can use a credit card or even a debit card for purchases. There are many other forms of payments that are possible too.

By using Reverb Payments you are saving. As it is a more cost effective method and transaction. Another reason Reverb payments makes for a better experience is its simplicity to use. The transaction is secure & safe. The transaction qualifies the purchase for Reverb Protection.

You see reverb has done all the hard work and is making it easy for you. Whether you are selling your guitar or gear. Or you are buying a guitar or gear. In either case Reverb offers a platform to promote a positive experience. The Reverb Marketplace.


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What is a Reverb site?s

If you are a seller reverb sites will help you. It is a site to help promote your gear. Specifically to sell music gear online. The idea is to create a website Gear Shop and sync it to reverb. The whole set up enables the seller to create a website easily. Imagine you can create a website in minutes. And start selling gear.

Reverb site gives you the resources necessary to create something awesome. And turn it into a life changing dream. If this sounds like this would work for you? Check it out here on Reverb.

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What Other Guitarists are Saying About Reverb

  • I Looked around online. The product was a lot more than reverb had it for. I want to know if this is a scam. Because it seems to good to be true.
  • No it’s not a scam. Some prices are ridiculous. So I just went for it. And bought it. I have had no issues. It definitely is not a scam.
  • Reverb is Better than ebay in my experience. I’ve bought a handful of things with no problem.
  • Reverb staff was pleasant and helpful.
  • Reverb is like ebay for musical gear.
  • I bought a brand New Scarlet solo in the box last year for $85, I’m pretty happy about that.
  • Legit Reverb is very responsive to any issues you may have buying or selling. source

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Artists on Reverb

Here is a list of some of the Great artists that are on Reverb. See what they have to say.

  • Lita Ford
  • Josh Dun 21 Pilots
  • Camila Cabello
  • Tiered Lion
  • Torres
  • Joe Banamassa
  • Buddy Guy
  • Zack Wilde
  • Dolly Parton

And the list goes on!

All Instruments including guitar. All levels and Any age group. Self paced, step by step video courses. LEARN More >>


In conclusion is that if you were wondering if is legit well I hope I have provided you with enough information so that you can see for yourself that Yes Reverb is the real deal for all guitarists.

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