What is Fender Play? Find Out the Cost & if it’s Good

Have you heard of Fender Play? Yes, no, maybe? but your wondering; What is fender play? Well I’m going to break it down for you, so you will know all the pro’s & cons of Fender Play.

If that’s you, and your wondering what is fender play? Then I am going to explain it So you will understand what is Fender Play. You will learn how long the fender play free trial is. How Much does Fender Play cost? Is Fender Play good? How it works, and what your getting for the price. What if any are the Cons of using the Fender Play App.

What I’m going to set out to do is answer all of your questions what is fender play. And in order to do this it took hours of research to find out what fender play is.

Getting to the Bottom of What Fender Play is

Fender touts themselves as not just being guitar makers, but a guitar player maker too. They even advertise this fact. But what does this mean? Fender claims to be an online learning platform to get you playing songs in minutes.

Playing songs in minutes? Hmm lets take a closer look at this Fender Play Platform. This app is not just for Guitar players, its also for Bass and Ukuleles players. The premise of the app is to learn guitar from instructors at your own pace. You pick the style of music, and there are 100’s of songs to choose from.

You also learn chords, scales and new techniques. With this App you can learn on your phone, Computer or Tablet. This is the same as online guitar lessons like Truefire one of the biggest online resources for guitar lessons. With over 40,000 lessons.

How Long is the Fender Play Free Trial?

To get your feet wet Fender offers a free trial. So you can see for yourself if this is your cup of tea. The free trial fender offers is a Fender Play – Free 14-day trial

Then you can start the free trial. Don’t worry though if you decide you don’t want to use the app you simply cancel it at any time during the free trial period.

How Much Does Fender Play Cost?

There are different Subscriptions you can choose from.

  1. A Monthly Subscription – Fender Play – Only $9.99 at the time of this post.

After the free trial is over there is a Subscription for members to have access and stream guitar lessons via the internet. The Subscription is on a month to month bases.

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Fender Play offers 3 different subscription plans.

  1. The first one is a monthly plan. Which will automatically renew after the free trial period is finished. And continue each month as an automatic renewal, unless you cancel the subscription. To cancel the subscription you just need to cancel prior to the end of the current month.
  2. Then there is a 6 month subscription. This means your membership to fender play is for a 6 month period. After the 6 month period your subscription is automatically renewed. Unless you cancel your membership.
  3. Next subscription plan is for 12 months. And like the other two plans will automatically renew every 12 months. Unless you cancel. This plan is a lot less than the $9.99 a month fee.

If you want to learn guitar and you are going to continue with the Fender Play approach of learning the best and more economical way is to go ahead and get the yearly subscription. It cost less than the other two options. And believe me you are not going to learn in minutes. Limited Time Offer: Exclusive code for affiliate partners offering 25% of an Annual Plan or even better than that. Check out other Courses that are cheaper than Fender Play.

That’s why my famous saying is guitar playing is a journey. Because it literally could take a lifetime. It depends what it is you want to do with your playing.

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Is Fender Play Good?

The question is; Is Fender Play Good? Well lets take a look at what you get in this membership package. And then you can judge for yourself if it’s good.

First you can pick your style of music you want to learn. From Songs and Riffs, you get to choose Genre. Rock, Country, Blues, Pop, Folk music. Then you can pick 100’s of songs from there. Also you choose if you are learning with an acoustic guitar, Electric, bass or Uke.

When choosing a song to learn. Fender play lets you know how hard the song is. By indicating the level of difficulty with guitar picks. Level one for example is going to be easier to learn than level two or three.

You can also see what course type it is and what instrument it is for. Electric or acoustic guitar. Also it shows what chords are in the song. There is even a length of time it takes to finish.

After you choose a lesson to learn. Then you will read what it is you are going to learn in the lesson. For example:

By the end of this lesson you will have learned:

  1. E, G, A and C
  2. Alternate strumming
  3. Single note down picking
  4. Syncopation

There is also a Tab for related lessons if there are any that go with the video. Such as for the example above. How to strum. How to make the chords and how to pick. There is also a tab for any tools that might be needed. Such as a guitar tuner for example.

Then of course you get a video tutorial.

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Related Questions

What is included in the Fender Play App?

The app has several different instructors for there video lessons. Some of the items that are covered in the app by fender is the basic’s. These are the some of the lessons that are covered. Basic picking, Chords, Strumming, Blues Turnarounds, Blues Shuffle, Different forms of chord, and much more.

Then there are courses, which cover scales and different genre’s of music, Barre chords. The Basic ABC’s of learning guitar. Then there is numerous video’s on different exercises.

If that’s not enough there is a glossary of all the technical musical terms to help you find the answer. Video tutorials on techniques. From strumming to hybrid picking to cross picking and more.

You also get music Theory and there is even a section on tone, and how to dial in the sound you want. In general everything to get you playing guitar.

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Online Courses vs A Guitar App

You can take online courses and learn at your own pace. With a guitar app you can also learn at your own pace. An online course gives you basic guitar techniques, how to play the chords, how to strum, and how to transition between chords, so you can play songs. But so does the App.

The App has multiple teachers. Where with an online course you get to know the teacher and become comfortable and familiar with the style of teaching that her or she provides.

So what is the Big thing that differentiate between the App and the Online Course. The price is the difference. It is inevitable that it is going to take you a long time to learn guitar. No one is born knowing how to play the guitar. Although some learn at a faster pace then others.

Every one starts at the same place. Not knowing how to play. The only way to learn is by picking up your guitar and learning. Then acting on what you learn. The quickest way to learn how to play is by doing. The more you play the better you will become, and the faster you will learn how to play.

So if your going to take time to learn you can pay a one time low fee and learn online with a Course. Or you can pay for a subscription and pay monthly, biannually or annually. With a Course it is going to be a lot more economical. Click for the current price of the Beginner Guitar Course.

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Best Guitar Learning App for Android

If you have an Android phone and want to know what guitar app will work on it. Take a look at the Fender play app. It works on Android and Apple phones. You can actually download the Fender guitar app from the google play store or Apple App store.

You can access Fender play from a computer or a mobile device. This is one reason it’s the Best Guitar Learning App for Android. Click here for current pricing on the Fender Play App.

How Much Does it Cost to Learn Guitar

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