What are the 6 Strings on a Guitar

Did you know that even the strings of the guitar have a name and that the name is also a note? Well if this is eye opening to you let me start by telling you what are the 6 strings on a Guitar.

On a standard 6 string guitar the strings names are called:

  1. 1st string is E
  2. 2nd string is B
  3. 3rd string is G
  4. 4th string is D
  5. 5th string is A
  6. And the 6th string is E

If you want to learn more about the strings than just there names take a read you might find some interesting FAQ’s.

Which String is one on Guitar

Sitting with the guitar on your lap and looking down at the strings. The first string you see. Which is the thickest string. This is not the first string. That is actually the 6th string. Also known as the E string. The n it goes to the 5th string. Which has a name called the A string. Then the fourth string is know as the D string. The third string is called the G string. Then the B string is the 2nd string. Which brings us back to the E string.

After saying all that; The first string is the thinnest string called the E string. I call it it the high E string. High as in pitch or frequency.

Pro Tip: When playing the guitar the down & up are oppisite of what you think. When you refer to a higher sounding pitch this is up. Even though to get there is down. It is up!

Case and point looking down at the strings on the guitar. The closes to the top is low in pitch and going up to the high E string. The higher pitch, thinnest string down at the bottom of the neck. But to get there is up to the 1st string. (I hope this makes sense to you. It will make things a lot easier).

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How Do You Remember the Strings on a Guitar

The best way to remember the strings on the guitar is by using a word association. Which works well, and there are several. Like this: Eagles And Doves Glide Beautifully with Ease. Or Like This Eddie Ate Dyno mite Goodbye Eddie.

How Do You Remember the Strings on a Guitar: I think of the word Association:

  • E – Eagles
  • A – And
  • D – Doves
  • G – Glide
  • B – Beautifully with
  • E – Ease

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Did You Know That the Guitar Strings Have Names?

Guitar strings are named E A D G B e. When the guitar is in tune. The sound of the string is also the name of the string. Which is also the sound of a note. For example an A string when played open. Meaning when you are not fretting any of the frets. The sound that you hear when you pluck the string is the same sound as an A note.

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Why Are There Two E Strings on a Guitar

There is the low E string and the high E strings. And what I am referring to is the pitch of the strings. The lowest tone is the lower sounding sixth string. And then the higher sounding strings is the first string. It is also the E string. And why are there two. One is at a higher register than the other. In the case oft he E strings they are actually two octaves above one another.

On the guitar neck there are notes that start at the nut of the guitar and go beyond the 12th fret. But at the 12th fret the notes repeat. They are now the same notes but at the next octave. A higher frequency of notes. Which are the same notes.

Pro Tip: Octave the Frequency of a note that is one octave above another will have twice as many hertz as the frequency of the note an Octave below it. Source To see more about Octaves look at Octaves a Great way to Find Your Way Around the Fretboard.

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What’s the best Acoustic Guitar Strings

I have a lot of guitars. And all of my guitars have D’Addario strings on them; For several reasons.

  1. Longevity – They seem to last without breaking and sound great.
  2. Sonic Tone – You can depend on the Sound of the strings to be bright.
  3. Economical – I hate to admitted it but I love cheap.

Don’t miss out Choose Guitar Strings.

What’s the Best Electric Guitar Strings

All my electric guitars have D’addario Strings on them. I like the sound of the strings. They last a long time. As you know when your playing the electric guitar your bending strings a lot. The high E string always seems to be the weakest link. When it comes to bending string.

Maybe because your bending the first three strings. But anyways ever since I started using D’Addario strings I have had no issues with the first string. Having the string snap at the wrong time and place. For more info on string check out this article on Best Guitar Strings for Beginners using Acoustic or Electric.

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Related Questions

What are Guitar Strings Made Of?

Electric guitar strings are made of:

  • Steel – Is a Modified form of iron to make ” steel”. Steel is artificially produced, and has a carbon content. With quality’s of elasticity, hardness, and strength.
  • Nickel Plated Steel-  Is a hard Metallic metal that is capable of being hammered out thin. It is used to coat metal.
  • Pure Nickel- A hard silvery white Malleable metallic element. Used to coat or cover with Nickel.

For a more in-depth look at how they are made check out What Are Electric Guitar Strings Made Of?

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What is Guitar String Gage?

Let’s start by taking a look at the string gauge. First lets look at what string gauge is. Well we know what the string is. But for those who don’t. A Guitar string is:

A string is a vibrating element that produces sound in a guitar, and other stringed instruments.

In general most guitars have 6 strings. Although some have 12 and 7. For today’s topic of electric guitar strings. We are going with 6 strings.

Now we know what a string is lets see what we mean by “gauge”.  The guitar string gauge refers to the diameter of the string. The tone of a string depends on the weight of the string. So the diameter is the gauge of the string.

The gauge of the string is measured in thousands of an inch. The larger the diameter the larger the string. Like the 6th string of an electric guitar is measured as .052. Where as the high e string, the thin string might measure .010 or .011.

Just by reading this measurement you know that the .010 is a thin string compared to the .052. The 6th & thickest string on the electric guitar.

When you buy guitar strings online or at the store. The string measurement is listed on the package. Want more answers Check out Guitar Strings Q and A.

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How to Replace Guitar Strings

Basically and methodically you want to loosen the strings at the head stock. Remove the peg in the bridge that holds the strings. And then replace the strings one at a time. You will need some tools to make this easier. And it will be a good time to clean off the fretboard. Look at this step by step How to Change Acoustic Guitar Strings for Beginners.

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