What is the Best Looper Pedal?

If you want to know what is the best Looper Pedal? Then You have landed on the right page. Where I will give you 5 reasons & explanation why the Ditto Looper Pedal is the best.

So You may ask what is the best Looper Pedal? What is the best Looper Pedal? It is Ditto by TC Electronics. In short the 5 reasons listed below is why I say Ditto Looper is the best Looper Pedal. And is a Pedal built by a manufacturer known in the industry for quality products.

  1. Sturdy Construction
  2. Ease of Use
  3. Dependability
  4. Versatility
  5. Best Price

If you want to delve into why the Ditto Looper is the best Looper Pedal. Keep reading to find out all about the Ditto Looper Pedal by TC Electronics.

Best Looper Pedal

When it comes to the best Looper Pedal one of the things to look at is the construction. The Ditto Looper body casing is made of a hard metal case that can with stand all the knocks and drops that may occur when your on the road.

But even better if you are just starting out playing guitar, and you don’t take the Ditto out of your house. Then Your pedal should last a longtime as it is built to last with die cast metal. That’s one of the reasons out of many that I like the TC Electronics Ditto Looper.

The Switches are also durable chrome. That will withstand a kick of a heavy foot. You can tell the quality of the Ditto Looper Pedal the minute you take it out of the box. Just with the weight of it. The base model weighs in at about 4.5 Oz. (Per my kitchen scales).

It will fit on any pedal board due to it’s small footprint. With the Ditto you can feel the craftsmanship that went into making the Looper.

Not to mention the dials on the Looper are made of a hard molded plastic. Like the kind of knobs you would find on your amplifier.

Hands down the Ditto is quality through and through. But that is just where it starts. Lets look at how it works.

Big enough to do the Job, & Small enough to take everywhere. Perfect!

Click here for Current Pricing on Amazon.

Does the Ditto Looper Pedal Come with a Power Supply?

Yes, the Ditto Looper is powered by 9 volts DC or direct current. Which means you will need a power supply to connect it to an electrical outlet. The good news is I have found some of the Ditto’s come with the power supply. Like the one mentioned above, it comes with it.

But if for some reason you were to need a 9v power supply. Here is a great choice not only for the Ditto, but it works to power up guitar pedals. It’s Called the Dan Electrode 9v Supply. See the Current Pricing on Amazon.

How do You Plug in a Loop Pedal?

This is what sells me on the Ditto is it’s simplicity. While holding the Ditto in your hand. And looking at it. On the right side of the casing you will see 3 outlets. One is to connect the power chord. The second is for your guitar. Then the third is a pin connector.

Simple, simple! One end connects to the wall socket. Below that you have an input jack it connects to your guitar. Then on the other side of the Ditto is one more jack. This is for the output to your guitar amplifier.

Ditto Looper How to Use

Now that we know how easy it is to plug in the Ditto. Let’s take a look at how easy it is to use. See if you are like me you are probably under time constraints. And need to use your time wisely. I don’t want to spend hours of my time configuring things. Just so I can play and practice my guitar.

I want to be able to plug it in and get to it. Let me tell you how easy it becomes to loop with the Ditto Looper Pedal. First off you have up to 5 minutes of continuous looping capability.

Which may seem yeah so! But if you think about it how long are most songs that you hear. So what I mean to say is that that is ample time to get your groove on.

With the Ditto you can record, play, and overdub. You can Undo and Redo. And of course you can stop and clear the track.

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Ditto Record Play & Overdub

To record you press the chrome switch one time. To listen or to play what you just recorded you simply press the switch again, (one time). Then if you want to record more over what you just recorded then you press the switch one more time.

Undo & Redo

When your into it and you don’t want to forget that lick. But you need to get it right, and it needs to be fast before the lick gets away from you. Ditto is makes it easy to Undo or even redo your playing.

If you want to undo what you just did. You press and hold the switch down. This will undo your section of the loop. Then when your ready to redo that part simply press and hold the switch. Now let’s say you just want to stop the loop or clear the loop see how below.

Stop & Clear the Loop

If you need to stop the loop for an intermission. No problem just simply press the switch two times. But if you have had enough of that Loop, and need to clear it all together. Then Press and hold the switch. This will clear it.

Oh the turn dial. You may want to know what that is for. At the top of the Looper the dial is for setting the volume of the loop. Raise it or lower the sound to match what you want to hear.

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How to Practice With a Looper Pedal

There are several ways to use your Looper. Here are a few ways you may have not considered.

  1. Practice Soloing with your guitar.
  2. Use for Rhythm practice- Play back to hear where you need to improve your Rhythm playing.
  3. Use to accompany writing a song.
  4. Live performance- Use as the backup while you are playing the lead.
  5. Practice Singing – Singing over the recorded loop.

While there are many ways to use a Looper. We are going to concentrate on how to practice with a Looper pedal.

First thing to realize when you practice a great way to see where you need to improve is to listen to yourself. A Looper pedal basically is recording what you are playing. So this is one way to see where your at. You need to get real with yourself and be objective. If you can do that you will see where you need to tighten up your act.

So just to record yourself, press the switch one time. You can start with strumming three chords. over and over again. Then to play your performance press the switch once. What’s that sound like? Is it tight, or do you need to practice transitioning between chords? Or maybe practice strumming in general.

Another way to practice is after you have your rhythm going. Then you can play the loop. Then adjust the volume of the track. Next take your guitar and play over the top of the loop. This will help with soloing. To be able to solo you really need to know a couple of things. What key your playing in. Then it would help to know some scales.

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Ditto Looper Price

Like I was saying earlier there are several Ditto Looper pedals. The standard model is what I’ve been talking about. I can say first hand that It is the easiest to use Looper, and has the best bargain price. Click here for current pricing on Amazon.

Ditto Looper Save Loops

You can record and save as many loops as your heart desires. Up to 5 minutes on the base model Ditto. This gives you a lot of creative freedom. Tc Electronics makes several Ditto Looper pedals some are more advanced.

TC Electronics Gives You More Reasons & Choices to Choose Ditto Looper Pedal

The next best thing to Ditto is Ditto. That’s right Ditto X2 Looper Pedal. This Ditto has everything you need for your band

The Best Looper ever in guitar history has been upgraded from TC Electronics. It has a 24 bit audio for unlimited overdub. With up to 5 minutes of recording you will have plenty of time to create your masterpiece.

This Ditto comes with Effects such as half speed loops and reverse to spice things up. It is still simple to use. With it’s one button switch that makes looping easy. There is even an FX switch, And a dedicated stop button to stop the loops precisely where you want. You can switch the buttons functionality to better assist your needs.

Also this looper has USB connectivity. So you can connect easily to your computer. To export or import backing tracks & loops. You can even Plug in two instruments. This Ditto has everything you need for your band. Click here for the current pricing on Amazon.

The 3rd Reason Ditto is the Best Looper Pedal

You know the old Cliche, “but there’s more”, There is one more Ditto Looper to choose from. Another Cliche that comes to mind. 3 is a charm! But seriously the TC Electronics has made different Looper pedals for different needs.

Whether you are a learning guitarist, or maybe you are in a band. What ever your needs are TC Electronics has thought about it. And has you in mind when it comes to looper Pedals. This Pedal is the Ditto Stereo Looper.

What makes this such a good choice is the functionality of this pedal. This looper works with guitars and other instruments. You can use it in Mono or Stereo setups. The Stereo Looper is very intuitive. With Stereo I/O and Loop Export and Import.

A USB connection allows you to easily connect to your Mac or PC. Then with your digital work station you can load backing tracks. You can seven plug in two instruments. Access a wealth of Star Jam Loops by Famous practice with the pro’s. This Ditto Stereo is on Sale on Amazon. Even though you get all the bells and whistles. You still get it at a bargain. Click to get the current pricing on Amazon.

Related Questions

How do I Connect My Ditto Looper Pedal to My Computer?

Connecting your Ditto Looper to your computer has never been easier! Use a mini USB Cable, But if you need to update the Ditto on your PC here’s the steps.

  • Using a USB Cable connect your Ditto to your computer.
  • Download the Ditto Updater onto your computer.
  • Set your Ditto to “boot mode”. To set the mode hold down the switch, and plug in the power cable at the same time. The LED will illuminate green.
  • Then locate the “select Ditto boot mode from the menu. located in the output device menu. On some of the older windows programs. In the menu its called “USB Audio Device”.
  • Once selected, click the update button to start the update.
  • Ditto is updated when the LED light on the Ditto Changes colors.
  • Never unplug the USB cable from the Ditto while the update is in progress.

How Much is a Looper Pedal?

A Looper pedal can range from $100.00- $200.00. Depending on functionality of the pedal. They are not an exuberant cost, but for 100 bucks you want it to be easy to use. Work exactly how you want it to. And then finally be at the right price. All of the reasons mentioned in this post is why I recommend Ditto Looper Pedal.

I own a Ditto Looper Pedal and love the simplicity of it. This is why I can say without a doubt. When i’m asked what is the best Looper pedal? Ditto is the Best Looper Pedal. See the reviews on Amazon. What other guitarists are saying about Ditto Looper Pedal.

Star Jam Tracks A Perk for Ditto Owners

Star Jam Tracks ever heard of them? Well if your answer was no then your in good company. What are Star Jam Tracks? Good question i’m glad you asked. TC Electronics, the manufacturer of Ditto Looper Pedal.

Has teamed up with some of there endorsers. Who have created Loops. Which can be downloaded from the TC Electronics Website. Thus allowing you to import the loop one at a time and play with some famous guitarists.

You can download the tracks into your DAW and use the loop. How cool is that! Source

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