What Should a Beginner Guitar Player Learn?

If you want to start playing guitar. You buy your guitar and now what? What Should a beginner guitar player learn? Well I am going to tell you how to get started and it isn’t going to cost a lot of money. It is going to take a little time and a lot of patience. After 30 plus years of playing I can get you started and on your way to playing. And give you tips that will make things easier for you. So that you can get results faster.

So if your considering learning to play the guitar and you want to know what Should a beginner guitar player learn: This is What a beginner guitar player should learn. How to hold the guitar properly. How to hold a pick. The anatomy of the guitar. Fretting hand technique. Strength and dexterity exercises. How to make open chords. Learn Chord transitioning. How to strum a guitar. How to Tune a Guitar.

These are the beginnings of learning the guitar. Everyone has to learn the fundamentals first and techniques. So that you have a strong foundation to build on. These Techniques and more are taught in the Guitar Bootcamp Course here.

How to Hold the Guitar Properly

Yeah, you may have the same thought of ” How hard can it be to hold a guitar. I already know this. Why bother going through learning this? This is crap. No! One moment. You may think that it is easy, and you don’t need to learn how to hold a guitar. Well it is easy but if you look at a lot of beginner guitarist. They hold the guitar, but they are not holding it properly.

They slouch down and the side of the guitar is not horizontal to the ceiling. If you don’t hold the guitar properly right from the get go. And you learn to play it that way. Then it is going to become second nature and down the line it is going to be hard to learn how to hold the guitar, and start doing it.

Beginners May Slouch

Another thing, when you are slouching, and not holding the guitar properly. Then your technique is going to be off. Which means you could be off kilter, and your wrists could be injured from putting them in a bad position.

Trying to play the chords. So it is very important to sit up properly. And there are two different ways to position the guitar. One is like most players and the other is classical style.

And each have there own unique things about them. Which if you play in that style could be a positive way to hold the guitar for you.

For example when you hold a guitar like a classical guitarist. If you are short or have a shorter reach with your arms. Then this way of holding the guitar would be an advantage to you.

Because the neck of the guitar is automatically going to be sitting up higher. More at a 45 degree angle. With the head of the guitar sitting up higher. This makes it easier for someone with short arms to easily play the chords.

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Beginner Guitarist Should Learn How to Hold a Pick

Most things on guitar are seemingly easy enough. When you know the proper way to do them. That’s why in the beginning you need to learn the rudiments.

So that you can start off playing the guitar the proper way. A lot of beginners start off holding the pick the wrong way. They place it at there second knuckle.

Between their first finger and thumb. Then also I have seen people use there second finger and there first finger. When holding the pick.

So all those ways seem good, but the reason that this is not a good way to hold the pick. Is when you are picking individual notes and strings.

You need to be able to play intricate up and down picking. This becomes difficult and impossible when you use two fingers to hold the pick. Not to mention if the pick is at the second knuckle of your first finger.

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Beginners Need to Learn the Guitar Anatomy

Like every thing that you buy new. Like a car for example you need to know what all the features are called so that you can learn how to operate the car properly.

The same goes for your guitar. Even more so if you have an electric guitar. There are a lot more pieces or features.

That you need to know the names of. So that you can know how that part of the guitar functions. In order to play the instrument.

So you know what is being said when someone is talking about the headstock or the bridge. This way you can master the instrument.

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Fretting Hand Technique is Not Just for Beginners to Learn

There are only two hands when playing the guitar. And they each play a big part of how you are going to sound when you play your guitar. First is your strumming hand.

And then maybe the most important is your fretting hand. Lets just say it’s half of the puzzle. A Beginner guitarist needs to learn fretting hand technique.

So that they can play the notes and chords, and make them sound good. Once you learn fretting hand technique. This is a technique that every guitarists will use through out there guitar journey.

But the difference when you are beginning to play guitar. Everything is new and it seems like a lot to learn all at once. But the more you work on the technique.

The more practicing and playing using the techniques that you learn. Then one day it becomes second nature. And you are still using the same techniques that you were taught but your not really thinking about them. It’s just naturally part of your playing.

Without these techniques that are taught in the Guitar Bootcamp course. Then when you play you will mute the strings. There will be buzzing noises and it will be difficult to make the chords ring out with a sweet sound.

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Strength and dexterity exercises Lessons for Beginners

Like all things you try in life you start at the beginning. If you are going to run a marathon you have to train for it. You don’t just go out one day and run 25 miles. No you work your way to the end goal. The same goes for Soccer, Football, many sports and guitar works the same way.

You are taking your fingers and working them. Like they have never been worked before. Just like any athlete you need to exercise. And this is exercise your fingers. There are many ways to practice which I show you step by step in the course. And you do the work to make your fingers stronger.

So that it will be easier to play chords. And repetitive finger movements that will help whip your fingers into shape. Which will make your dexterity better and help with muscle memory.

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Beginner Guitarist Need to Learn How to Make Open Chords

There are a lot of chords that you will eventually learn. But in the beginning when you are just starting out. You will learn open chords. These are the first set of chords that all beginners start off learning. Once you learn these chords you will be able to play thousands of songs.

So it is advantageous to learn open chords as soon as possible so you can start having fun. That’s what learning guitar should be about having fun. There are 11 essential chords that beginners need to know.

The course teaches you the secrets to making playing the chords easy. Then after learning the open chords. You will also learn how to play the next chords all guitarists learn. And they are bar chords.

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Learn Chord transitioning

After learning the open chords. Which all beginners need to learn. But it’s not just learning where to place your fingers. The next thing is how to go from one open chord to the next. Like after you learn the C chord how to move from C to the next chord. Say a G chord. This is called chord transitioning. These are all things that a beginner needs to learn. In order to play the guitar.

There are tricks to the trade. That you can learn after playing for 30 years or you can find a guitar teacher that has been there and done that. And they can show you and save you years of trial and error.

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How to Strum a Guitar

Like I said before there are two pieces of the puzzle. One is fretting the strings. And the other is your other hand. It’s main job is strumming the guitar. Every beginner strums the guitar like they are whacking at the strings. Usually with an uneven up and down movement. Stopping in between. Learning strumming patterns and proper technique is one half of the equation. All beginners need to learn in order to play the guitar.

How to Tune a Guitar

You need to learn how to tune a guitar. First without a tuner. So that no matter where you are you can tune your guitar. Also no matter how good you are. Your not going to sound good, if your guitar is out of tune. So learn how to tune your guitar.

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These are just the beginning things that all guitar players should learn. This will give you a good foundation to play guitar. I have been playing guitar for many years, and I can teach you the secrets to get you playing guitar and having fun.

The quickest way possible. Why take 30 years to learn it? I have already done the hard work for you. And now I am ready to teach you the secret to guitar. So instead of doing the same thing and getting the same result.

Try something different. What you need is a good guitar teacher and a course to get you on a fast track to playing guitar. See the current price of Guitar Bootcamp Course Now!

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