How to Bend Guitar Strings

One of the hardest things to learn. When you are a beginner guitar player is to bend strings. How to bend guitar strings and make them sound good. This takes some practice. But if you don’t know some basic principles of bending strings. Then it could take you a lot longer to learn. So if… Continue reading How to Bend Guitar Strings

Is Guitar Center Good

When you think of buying a guitar. Whats the first music store that comes to your mind. For me I think of Guitar Center. But is Guitar Center good? That is a very good question. When you get finished reading this article you will never have to wonder again. Have you wondered Is Guitar Center… Continue reading Is Guitar Center Good

Why are Guitars So Popular

Have you ever wonder why are guitars so popular? Well there are several reasons, and one is that it is the best instrument to learn to play. Why are guitars so popular? 8 reasons why guitars are so popular? Easy to take anywhere. The most versatile. Easy to learn how to play. Capable of playing… Continue reading Why are Guitars So Popular