Should I Use a Guitar Foot Stool

For many years of playing guitar. I used a guitar chair, and the side of my foot. To prop up my other foot. To make my right leg sit up higher. Then I thought about it; Should I use a guitar foot stool. And that was the best thing I ever did to make sitting and playing more comfortable.

Maybe your wondering should I use a guitar foot stool. Compelling reasons why You Should use a guitar foot stool. 1. Playability, 2. Comfortability, 3. Ease of use, 4. Portability 5. Affordability, And that’s just off the top of my head.

If you want to know all the ins and outs of using a foot stool. And all the benefits of using a footstool. Then stick around, because I’m going to explain why I use a foot stool when playing my guitar.

Should I Use a Foot Stool?

Most people play their guitar sitting down. Unless you are out at the gig, and then you still may be sitting down. On a guitar stage stool.

How Do You use a Foot stool on a Guitar

Plain and simple rest your foot. That’s the short of it. But there is more to it than that. When you are sitting playing your guitar. You want to be in a position with the best posture you can have. So you don’t tire easy. You don’t want your muscles to get crooked and sore.

When you are playing your guitar. You want the neck of your guitar up higher, than the body of the guitar. And it all depends on you how high. It’s your preference to be comfortable playing.

Usually you are sitting with both feet flat on the ground. Your guitar is either on your left or right leg. Depending if you are right handed or a lefty guitar player.

If you are right handed place your guitar on your lap as if you are going to play it. Notice that the neck of the guitar is pretty much at no angle.

Now if you place the foot stool under your left foot. (If your right handed) Then you will see a huge difference in the angle of the guitar neck. This position allows your body to be more upright so you are able to play without getting a sore neck, back etc.

What I like about the foot stool is, it is low tech. There are height adjustments to get the best position for you to be comfortable.

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How Do You Foot Rest a Guitar

If you are a classical guitarist, you play with your guitar sitting on your opposite leg. So me for example I am right handed. I play my guitar with it sitting on my right leg. (Lap). If I am going to play classical style guitar. I would place the guitar on my left leg.

This makes the neck of the guitar sit up. And if I use the foot stool to rest my foot. Then it is really optimized for playability and comfortable playing. If you have back issues and find it uncomfortable to sit and play for a long time you should consider the Sissle sitfit plus.

But not all people are playing classical guitar. It doesn’t matter it is to help your posture. And to make it more comfortable to play. Even if you use the leg that your guitar is on. The position of your guitar is propped up higher.

You need to have an angle. Without the stool, you are struggling with any means possible. Like I said I would prop my right foot on top of my left foot. And it still would not be at the correct position. For my liking.


Foot Rest


Guitar Center Foot Rest

There are a couple of guitar foot stools that are good.

After checking around I found the best guitar stool for me was the On stage stand. It’s true they are going to all do the same thing. But if they are too narrow. Then you will find that you are constantly knocking it over. Also this one has 5 different positions. This way you can adjust the footstool for your playing needs. I use my guitar footstool in my home studio.

This footstool is made of metal for durability and there are ridges in the top. Where you rest your foot. This helps prevent your foot from slipping off. And the legs have rubber “feet”, on the end to keep the foot stand from slipping.

The foot rest also adjusts all the way down making it easy to take with you. See the Latest Price on Amazon.


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What is the Best Guitar Stool

The Hercules FS 100b

Durable solid legs with a wide top platform. The widest in the industry. If you have big feet then Hercules FS 100b is what your looking for. See the current price on Amazon

Like I said these are all low tech accessories. The main thing that you want is a sturdy foot rest. And it needs to be wide enough to do the job. You can’t get any sturdier than metal. The Hercules provides a comfortable foot rest. Durable solid legs with a wide top platform. The widest in the industry. If you have big feet then Hercules FS 100b is what your looking for. See the current price on Amazon

Wooden Guitar Foot Stool

The best foot stool is the one that does the Job. If you want to get fancy they even make a wooden foot stool. It has four legs that can adjust. Just like the metal guitar foot stools. This footstool is solid wood. The Wooden foot rest can be adjusted to 4 different levels. The pro’s are the footstool is solid wood. The con is there is no slip resistance surface. Which could be an issue depending on what shoes you are wearing. See image on Amazon.

Should I Use a Guitar Footstool

In conclusion it is strictly the guitar players preference. To use or not to use a guitar footstool. I for one am in favor of using it. Because I use a foot rest and find that it makes playing more comfortable.

You have very little to loose if you purchase one and don’t like it. As the foot rests are very affordable. After you buy the foot rest. You probably will think to yourself. ” How did I go all these years without a foot rest’.

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Do You Use a Foot Stool When Playing Electric Guitar?

You can use a foot stool for playing electric guitar. A lot of people are playing and practicing at home. Especially beginner guitar players. You are sitting down when you play. The advantage of having the foot stool is to raise the neck of the guitar. Which in turn makes it easier and more comfortable to play your guitar.

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Is a Foot Stool Just for Classical Guitarists

No a foot stool is not just for classical guitarists. Most people that play guitar will find that it is easier to prop there foot on something to play. Which in my case was the side of my other foot. It was constantly slipping off. And when it slipped my guitar would drop. You can see how this could be an issue. So to combat this I bought a foot stool. I do not play classical guitar and am very happy with my decision.

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