What Should I Get My Guitarist Boyfriend?(12 Gift Ideas)

If you have been dating for a while or if this is the first gift exchange to take place with your true love. And your thinking what should I get my guitarist boyfriend? No problem! I have some great ideas that are perfect guitar gifts for boyfriends. After you see them it should make your decision easier.

Your wondering what should I get my guitarist boyfriend? Here is a short list of What you should get your guitarist boyfriend.

They are economical guitar gifts for boyfriend that he will love.

  1. Effects Pedal
  2. Travel Guitar
  3. Guitar Stand
  4. Looper Pedal
  5. Guitar Cleaning Kit
  6. Pick holder/wallet
  7. Guitar Gig Bag
  8. Online Guitar Course
  9. Noise Cancelling Headphones
  10. Guitar Strap
  11. Capo
  12. Audio Guitar Interface

This is just a list of possibilities. If you want to learn which one would suite your boyfriend read on. Where I will explain each item. And why it may be just the gift idea you were looking for.

Boss M80 Multi Effects Pedal

With this effects pedal you will never need to buy another pedal. The M80 Multi effects pedal adds effects to your guitar sound. Such as Delay, Overdrive, Distortion, Modulation, Compression effects are all in different sections of this pedal board. And you can easily Dial in the tone you are looking for.

The M80 effects pedal has the Cosm Technology. Which has several different amps built in. So you can change the amps as you go. You can go from a clean amp to a Crunch, metal amp all with a turn of a dial. Or maybe you want to play the blues, turn the knob over to the Tweed amp.

With the M80 Effects Processor there are plenty of choices. Cosm FX1 dial in A Wah up or down. For sounds like Jimi Hendrix. Octave settings and more.

There is also a section for a tube screamer, Distortion, Distortion overdrive, Boost and more. Again plenty of tones to choose from. All are easily marked and can be dialed in simply by turning the knob. It doesn’t get easier than that. For hours of fun and finding your unique sound.

Boss M80 Easy Functionality

  • The M80 is a compact and powerful floor multi effects processor with easy dial in knob interface.
  • It has 8 effects Categories that are simultaneous with multiple effects types.
  • A Massive selection Effects from Classic Boss to the latest effects.
  • Cosm Amp Technology with amps built in.
  • M80 has 8 footswitches and a expression pedal.
  • Manual mode for stomp box, on/off, memory mode for switching patches.
  • Delay section with 38 seconds of recording with phrase looping.
  • Runs on six AA batteries or optional PSA-series AC adapter
  • Midi.USB Audio interface built in.
  • Free Boss Tone Studio software. Edit and Organize tones. Also download free patches from the Boss Tone central website. Source

M80 has a lot of effects that make this so powerful. What makes it very nice is the simplicity of interface with the control knobs you can dial in your sound.

Cosm Technology & Effects

Then there is a EQ section and a FX2 section for more fun. You can set delay, Boost tremolo, Chorus. There are individual controls for Bass Mid Range, Treble. And then you can set the level of the tone.

The M80 comes with 8 foot switches that allow you to move between the banks and the patches. Also if you are in manual mode you can turn the effects on and off.

On the side is a foot pedal for volume or use it as a Wah pedal. On the back there are several connections. First a guitar input jack and a mono jack output. Then there is USB port so you can connect directly to your computer.

This allows you to record straight into the computer. You can install software into your computer so you can edit your recording or patches. Then once you have edited them you can save them into a library to keep everything organized.

Any guitarist would love to have the M80. It has so much to offer all under one hood. What makes it great is you can preset 8 different pedals. And with a click change the tone of your guitar. It’s that simple. Go from a Heavy metal distorted tone, and with a simple click of the preset you can play a nice warm blues tone.

If that’s not enough! You can also switch to manual mode. Then use the switches on the bottom to access the presets individually. They are Distortion, Delay, Modulation.

Included in this Bundle is the M80 effects Processor, 9 volt Ac Power supply adapter. Two Pedal patch cables, and 4 pack of guitar picks.

This is the dream gift for most guitarists. Click here for the current price on Amazon.


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A Great Gift Idea is a Travel Guitar

Another great gift idea is the Taylor BT2 Acoustic Guitar. This way your Boyfriend will be able to practice anytime and any where. A travel guitar is the perfect gift for a guitar player. And not just any guitar. The BT2 is the perfect size for easy portability. The smaller guitar is built that it still gives a big sound. With lots of Low to mid range tones. The perfect travel guitar and gift.

This guitar is ready to go right out of the box. Just tune it and get ready for hours of fun. This guitar comes with a padded gig bag. Which is an added comfort, to keep your gift secure while traveling.

This Baby Taylor guitar is natural with a mahogany top. A layered Sapele back, and sides are natural. What makes this so convenient to travel with is it’s 3/4 size. It’s truly amazing the resonance from a smaller body guitar. Click here to see the current price on Amazon.

String Swing Walnut Guitar Case Rack 

I know from experience most guitar players have more than one guitar. And it becomes messy quickly. That’s why the String Swing Guitar Case Rack is the perfect gift.

With this case rack you can keep your guitar secure in the case and the case nice and neat in it’s place. The walnut case dimensions are listed below.

  • 30″ x 36″ x 13.25″
  • Furnature Quality
  • hardwood walnut Lasts a lifetime
  • Made in the USA
  • Folds flat for easy travel
  • Lifetime structural warranty

You can see for yourself that this hardwood guitar case is perfect for keeping the space clean. It is very durable and comes with a lifetime warranty. This is not a gift that will be bought and forgot about. Like a tie or a sock. No this gift will be used for a lifetime.

This case rack can hold up to 5 cases. Click here for current pricing on Amazon.

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A Great Guitar Gift for Boyfriend is a Looper Pedal

A what you say? Well you may not know this, but one great way to practice and get better is to use a looper pedal. The easiest way to explain how it works is it is like a recorder.

One end plugs into the guitar and the other into an Amplifier. And you can record yourself playing the rhythm. Then you play over the top of the rhythm. This allows hours of fun while you practice and get your timing perfected.

What’s the best looper pedal? The best is the Ditto Looper Pedal. I use the Ditto and it is well construed, easy to use, and plain and simple – it works.

This Ditto on Reverb comes with the 9v power chord. Click for current pricing.

There are several models of the Ditto. They have more bells and whistles. If you want to see a more in depth look at those click here.

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A Great Gift that all Guitarist Need is a Dependable Chair

All Guitarists Should Clean Up There Act!

“Clean up there act”, meaning there guitar. You need to keep your guitar clean to keep it sounding and looking great. Here is a list of valuable cleaning products.

Here is also a free guide how to clean your guitar.

In addition to keeping your guitar clean you need to maintain the hydration of the wood. A guitar like other wood items can get dry. This is why it is not recommended that you keep your guitar in direct sunlight for a long period of time.

Or in high temperatures like in a car in the middle of the summer. Acoustic guitars are held together with glue and adverse weather can damage the guitar. It can warp the wood or come unglued. Even get to dry and crack.

To combat the ill effects of the climate on your instrument. You can buy humidifiers that fit in your guitar case. Also a gauge to keep track of the humidity level. I highly recommend keeping your guitar in a climate controlled space. Since there are different shapes, makes and models of Humidifiers. Click this link to see which one would be the best Gift.

Pick Holder & Wallet Never Leave Home Without it!

You can never go wrong with a Bi-fold Leather Wallet. This full grain leather wallet comes with specific guitar pick pockets. So that he can be sure to have a pick anywhere and everywhere he goes. Take a look at the current price on Amazon.

A great Gift Idea He is Sure to Love is a Gig Bag

When you just want to get there quick. You don’t want to lug a bunch of heavy equipment. But you still need your guitar to be protected. What you need is a Gig Bag. There perfect guitar gift for a boyfriend.

Gator Cases Transit Series Acoustic Gig Bag

Look Gator is well known in the industry for providing quality and security when it comes to Cases. The transit has everything you need to keep your guitar safe from weather and perils. Such as:

  • Fabric that is weather resistant blend.
  • Thick Rubber tread on bottom to prevent wear.
  • Internal foam padding that is 20mm thick.
  • Plush interior covering, micro fleece.
  • Adjustable 3 peace padding that protects the headstock, body and neck of the guitar.
  • Big pocket that is reinforced with seatbelt buckles. So you can fill up to capacity and will be able to secure the pocket.
  • The Transit Series Comes in different colors. See the different colors of Gig Bag Here.

Noise Cancelling Headphones are a Great Gift Idea

A lot of guitar players listen to music and play there guitar with the music. Take a look at a great set of Headphones for your Boyfriend. He will love you for it. The Sony headphones are one of the top choices. I did some research and a review to find the top 3. Click to find out what headphone is the best and why.

Legato Guitar Strap a Gift Idea for Boyfriend Guitar Players

A guitar strap needs to be able to balance your guitar. I needs to be durable and strong. But most of all it needs to be comfortable. The Legato Guitar strap offers the best in the industry. It is 3 inches wide and gives your shoulder the support you need to keep your guitar in place.

Some guitars can be as heavy as 5 to 7 lbs. Every guitar player needs a good strap. Legato strap has double padding and soft leather for more comfort. It is genuine leather, which makes it very strong and durable.

This strap can be adjusted from 50-57 inches long. So you can hang your guitar low if he wants to look like his favorite Rocker.

The Legato guitar strap will strap on to heavy electric guitars, acoustic guitars, classical and even bass.

A beautiful sturdy long lasting guitar strap. And a Great Guitar Gift. Click here for current price of the Legato on Amazon.

Guitar Capo a Good Gift Idea for Your Guitar Playing Boyfriend

There are several makes and models of Capos. Some better than others. This Capo is one of the finest and long lasting. It’s the Thalia 200 series Hawaiian Koa & Pearl Diamond Capo.

This Capo is one of a kind built to match the fretboard of your guitar. It’s not a secret that a capo will cause your guitar to go out of tune. But with the Thalia Capo It will keep your guitar in tune longer.

The Capo has a more even amount of pressure across the fretboard. This allows the guitar to stay in tune.

The Capo comes with everything needed to make fretting the strings easy. To include 14 fret pads. 7 are standard and 7 are high tension. It comes with a nice carrying bag.

This Capo will fit the following style of guitars:

  • Classical Guitars
  • Vintage Fender Guitars
  • Modern Fender Guitars
  • Ovation, Rickenbacker, etc.
  • Gibson, Guilds, etc.
  • Taylor, Breedlove, etc.
  • Martin, Yamaha, etc.

Thailia Capo works perfecly, and comes in many exotic colors Like the Hawaiian Koa & Pearl Diamond Capo. Click here for all the different Thailia Colors on Amazon.

A Perfect Gift for a Guitar Playing Boyfriend

It’s not like it used to be now you can have your own home studio. So that you can record, sound and audio. And even video. For the sound and audio all you need is a Audio interface. Like the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd generation.

Basically you will take your guitar and plug it into the scarlet 2i2 and then your microphone. The Focusrite comes with a USB C to USB A cable. It comes with free software. Such as Pro Tools, Ableton lite, SoftTube, Focusrites red plugin suite.

The Scarlett 2i2 is very well built. The outer body is made of metal. That is the top and side of the unit. The back where you have plugins are plastic and the front dials are made of plastic. Yet they are sturdy. There is no wobble in the buttons or dials. All and all this unit is built strong to last.

Easy as Plugin & Your Set With the Focusrite Scarlet 2i2

Let me show you how easy it is. On the front of the 2i2 you have two XLR Combo jack. You can use them for either an XLR or 1/4 jack input. Which would be for a guitar or microphone.

Both have a Gain knob so you can dial in the sound. There is also a ring around the button that illuminates. It can be red or green. You want to adjust it so it stays green.

There are two buttons to switch between line level and a quarter inch imput. So you would switch between singing and or an instrument.

Focusrite thought of everything with the 2i2. Some microphones work off of phantom power. There is a button for 48v of Phantom power. If your microphone needs power, just push a button and your ready. The unit will power your microphone.

2i2 audio interface also comes with an input for your headphones. And a turn dial to control the volume to the headphones.

There are 1/4 inch jack inputs on the rear of the 2i2 and a control knob on the front to control the volume level of those jacks. Also on the back of the unit is a USB C input to connect your device, and 1/4 outputs.

What’s really nice is after you record your audio into your computer you can use the free software and tweak the sound. After saying all that, for your average home studio the Focusrite 2i2 audio interface is simple to use and will make a great Gift for that lucky musician.

If you want to see the low price on Amazon click here.

There you have it I just gave 12 great ideas for gifts for your guitar playing boyfriend. If you want some other guitar suggestions take a look at some of these recommended Gift Ideas below.

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